Ghost of Tsushima PC

Ghost of Tsushima Surpasses God of War, Becomes Sony’s Second Biggest PC Launch

Ghost of Tsushima has surpassed the likes of God of War (2018) and Spider-Man to become Sony’s best single-player PC launch on Steam to date. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions and ported to PC by Nixxes Software, Ghost of Tsushima is now only behind Helldivers 2 in terms of peak concurrent players at launch.

Ghost of Tsushima sees success on PC despite limited availability due to PSN

As noted by SteamDB, God of War peaked at 73,529 concurrent players whereas Ghost of Tsushima hit 77,154 concurrent players over the weekend. Gaming circles on social media were full of praise for the game, with Sucker Punch and Nixxes devs thanking fans for their appreciation and support.

Ghost of Tsushima’s instant success came as somewhat of a surprise because Sony pulled the game from a large number of regions ahead of launch due to lack of PSN’s availability. Ghost of Tsushima requires PSN integration for its multiplayer Legends mode, and since Sony isn’t selling the package without multiplayer, it made the decision to de-list the game.

That said, we wonder how many more copies Ghost of Tsushima would have sold had Sony not pulled it, or sold a single-player-only package separately.