Ghost of Tsushima PC delisted over PSN requirement

Ghost of Tsushima PC Port Delisted From Countries Without PSN Support

Following the Helldivers 2 PSN kerfuffle, Sony has delisted Ghost of Tsushima PC version from countries without PSN support. As we previously reported, Sony backtracked on the PSN integration requirement for Helldivers 2 following widespread backlash. However, the company will be sticking to its guns going forward.

Ghost of Tsushima PC delisting over PSN requirement puzzles many

As noted by X users and Steam trackers, Ghost of Tsushima was recently delisted from a large number of countries where PSN isn’t officially present. The game’s single-player doesn’t require PSN integration, but its Legends multiplayer mode does, as confirmed by Sucker Punch itself.

According to players who have contacted Valve, the company’s support team has said that the decision to pull both Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima from non-PSN countries was actually Sony’s, not Valve’s. As a result, players who pre-ordered Ghost of Tsushima from non-PSN countries are being refunded, just like Helldivers 2 players were when Sony originally added the mandatory account requirement.

As a reminder, while it’s common among console players to create PSN accounts in various regions, falsifying information to do so is against Sony’s terms of service. The company has never conducted a crackdown on this, but PC players from non-PSN countries who tried creating accounts in other regions could not link them to their Steam accounts. Some PSN accounts were also banned over the attempt.