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FromSoftware Likens Elden Ring DLC to Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

FromSoftware has likened the upcoming Elden Ring DLC — Shadow of the Erdtree – to beloved PS4 exclusive Bloodborne‘s expansion. Lead producer Yasuhiro Kitao made the comparison while dropping hints about what the Elden Ring DLC will entail. He also gave an update on its release date window.

Don’t expect Elden Ring DLC release date anytime soon

Bad news first: it looks like we won’t get Shadow of the Erdtree’s release date or window anytime soon. Speaking to Japanese site Game Watch, Kitao said that the DLC is still a ways off, but the good news is that development is progressing well. Not something fans were particularly excited to hear, but Kitao’s mention of Bloodborne has certainly raised eyebrows.

“Like Bloodborne, it [Elden Ring DLC] has new battles and new characters,” Kitao said. “Please look forward to new things.” Kitao is referencing Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters expansion.

From the sound of things, Shadow of the Erdtree will be a pretty chunky expansion. The DLC was announced in February 2023, but neither FromSoftware nor publisher Bandai Namco have talked much about it beyond confirming that it’s progressing well. There were some speculations that FromSoftware will share updates during The Game Awards 2023 next week, but that seems highly unlikely now in light of Kitao’s comments.