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The Catch-Up: April 18th, 2014 – Atlus Outs Fairy Fencer F, Danganronpa 2 & Disgaea 4 PS Vita Release Dates

The Order: 1886 is built “to be much bigger than just one game.”

PS4 and Controller

Every PS4 Game With a 2014 Release Date Revealed

DriveClub, The Order: 1886, The Crew, The Division, NBA 2K15, WWE 2K15, and lots more listed.


Ready at Dawn Doesn’t Want to use the DualShock 4′s Features “Too Much” in The Order: 1886

“Tapping out Morse code just worked so well.”


The Order: 1886 Video Shows off Gameplay With Full Sound

You’ll be Gala-glad you watched this.


Main Characters in The Order: 1886 ‘Run Over 100k Polygons Each’

Polygon Man would be pleased.


New The Order: 1886 Videos Show off Gameplay

Ru Weerasuriya talks branching QTEs.


RaD on No Multiplayer in The Order: 1886: “The Single-Player Story has to Trump Everything Else”

They also didn’t want the team split in two.

The Order 1886

The Order: 1886 Preview (PS4)

We were left bloody gobsmacked (and other British words) at the sight of The Order: 1886.


The Order: 1886 Confirmed to be 30fps, “Higher Framerate Doesn’t Equate to Better”

There won’t be any loading between gameplay and cutscenes.

The Order 1886

The Order: 1886 ‘The Pledge’ Trailer

Are you ready to take The Pledge?


New The Order: 1886 Trailer Being Released Tomorrow, February 18th

Come on gameplay!


The Catch-Up: February 7th, 2014 – Deep Down Delayed in Japan; MGS V: The Phantom Pain May Not Release Until Q3 FY2015/2016

Evolve and Dying Light are teasing something on February 11th; There’s lots more news inside!