US PS Plus Members Can Snag The Order 1886 for $2.99

Known for spotting and sharing some of the best video game deals on the internet, Wario64 has done it again. If you’re a United States PlayStation Plus member, you can buy The Order: 1886 for just $2.99, here on the PlayStation Store. Those without a PS Plus membership can still get a deal, as the game is 75% off. That makes it $4.99 for everyone else. This price is only available from now until January 15, 2019.

It’s a good deal on a debatably good game. The Order: 1886 is a bit of a mixed bag with enough redeeming qualities to see it through. As our reviewer stated:

The Order: 1886 flaunts its interactive cinematic presentation, and it plays that card well. Despite this, it will continue to incite debate about overall length, being story heavy, and not allowing much freedom for the player. If these are things that bother you, then The Order was not developed for you.

There’s a lot The Order: 1886 gets wrong, but plenty of people still find it an experience worth having. And, at this price, the point of entry is so low that you might as well roll the dice.

Will you take advantage of this sale and buy The Order: 1886? What games have you pulled the trigger on, simply because of a sale? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Wario 64 on Twitter and PlayStation Store]