Uncharted 4 vs Uncharted 3: See the Huge Difference in Nathan Drake

Naughty Dog has released a number of images featuring the Nathan Drake of Uncharted 4, including a startling image of just how much more detailed he will be in Uncharted 4 versus how he was in Uncharted 3.

Although we have already seen just how great Uncharted 4 will look in the gameplay video that was released during the weekend, it is quite different seeing close-up images of Nathan Drake’s face. They look so realistic that a casual onlooker could actually believe that they are photographs. The image of the Nathan Drake of Uncharted 4 versus the one of Uncharted 3 is incredible to behold, and really drives home just how much more powerful the PlayStation 4 is compared to the PS3.

What do you think of these images? Is it that big of a jump graphically?

[Source: Imgur via VideoGamer]