First Piece of The Evil Within DLC Launches in Early 2015

Giving us some details about the upcoming DLC including within the three-part Season Pass for The Evil Within, Bethesda has announced that The Assignment will release in early 2015, with The Consequence to follow next, and The Keeper rounding it out. As we found out previously, both The Assignment and The Consequence will centre on Juli Kidman, Detective Castellanos’ mysterious partner.

To learn more about what awaits Juli in the upcoming DLC, Director John Johanas took to the Bethesda Blog:

Early on, we listed the things that we wanted to answer and ones we wanted to keep open and worked around that. We definitely leave some of the mysteries open, but I feel we shed a lot of light on the lore of Ruvik, STEM, and the characters while asking (and answering) a whole new set of questions regarding Juli and her mission.

He adds that chapters 5 and 9 provided the biggest inspiration for Juli’s DLC:

Chapter 9 had you uncover past stories by solving puzzles and exploring and there is a lot of that in the DLC. Overall, Juli’s adventure is rather story driven — Juli tends to “discover” these things by her actions and by solving puzzles. But at the same time, the atmosphere and progression is similar to Chapter 5, where you were trapped in a very oppressive area and the “horror” element was at its strongest.

Johanas says you can expect Juli’s experiences to be “much more dark, lonely, and claustrophobic.”

According to him, some notable pieces of DLC that “may or may not have influenced things” include The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches from Dishonored, Pigy’s Perfect 10 from Enslaved, Undead Nightmare from Red Dead Redemption, and Lord of Destruction from Diablo 2.

Expect more details about the DLC in 2015.

[Source: Bethesda]