Minecraft Movie Director Left Because Mojang Rejected His Idea of a Goonies-Style Movie

Back in October, it was reported that Night at the Museum director, Shawn Levy, was hired by Warner Bros. to work on a Minecraft movie. Last week, he parted ways with the project and according to his recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, it’s because Mojang rejected his ideas. What exactly was his idea? A movie inspired by The Goonies (1985). Levy explained:

How might this ever be a story for a movie? Because it’s not a narrative game. And we came up with an approach that felt good to us, and I discussed it with Mojang. 

Levy didn’t necessarily want to make a comedy movie, but he wanted the Goonies flair.

It was an adventure movie, and I thought it could have been a lot of fun and fulfilled a lot of the qualities that people love about the game.

Mojang didn’t like the idea, and Levy moved on. According to him, the studio still hasn’t decided what it wants in terms of a Minecraft movie. However, he also reiterated that “these things happen” i.e. they gave it a shot, and it didn’t work out so he left the project.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal via Polygon]