9 Embarassing Ways Suikoden II Spanks Modern Games

Recently, one of the greatest games of all time hit the PlayStation Network. For $9.99, gamers can now get Suikoden II on their PS3s or PSVitas. If you haven’t done so, and if you’ve ever liked an RPG, I recommend this game. Upon reflection, I noticed some reasons that I love it so much, many of which are rooted in the current direction of the game industry as a whole.


And above all, dammit, it’s a turn-based JRPG. While these are still released occasionally, it seems like so often I see comments all over the place begging developers to return to this genre. Among a couple of others this year, Bravely Default‘s surprising sales (to its reluctant publisher) and critical acclaim proved that there’s still a place for these games on the market, yet we don’t see nearly as many as we used to. Well, if you missed Suikoden II when it was new and haven’t paid the three-digit price to jump in since then, I’d say this is worth a look.