Pachter Believes PS4 Has More Games Lined Up for 2015 Than Xbox One, Commends Sony

Wedbush Analyst Michael Pachter commends Sony for having a “quantity of quality games” lined up for 2015, saying that he doubts PlayStation’s competitors will have as many titles scheduled for release next year.

In an interview with GameTrailers, Pachter explains that he does not believe Microsoft will release as many quality games for the Xbox One in 2015 that Sony will release for the PS4. He notes that all of the titles coming to the PS4 will help the console later on.

I don’t know what Microsoft has planned but I will be willing to bet that it’s not this many. I am surprised because I really thought that manufacturers won’t take the risk of developing for one console and they are taking it. Scott Rohde [PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America] has done a phenomenal job, you have done a phenomenal job [referring to Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation].

You guys got your s**t together early in the cycle [referring to Sony]. That is where Nintendo right now is suffering because they still don’t have the quantity of exclusives to drive their console and you guys have this plan. It’s peaking next year and that’s exactly where you want to be. It’s great and impressive.

What do you think about Pachter’s comments? Do you believe that the PS4 has more quality titles lined up for 2015 than the Xbox One has?

[Source: GameTrailers via GamingBolt]