DriveClub Studio Evolution Studios is Looking for New Hires Who Will “Push the Visual and Technical Boundaries of Sony Platforms”

Even though Evolution Studios had quite a rocky start with its racing game DriveClub, it looks the studio is not throwing in the towel just yet. Instead, according to some recent job listings, the company is looking to hire four new employees — a C++ Graphics Programmer, a Junior C++ Game/Systems Programmer, a Senior C++ Game/Systems Programmer and a Build & Configuration Engineer.

The descriptions for all four of the job openings look very similar, and they all call for employees that strive to “push the visual and technical boundaries of Sony platforms.”

Evolution Studios, part of the Sony Worldwide Studios family and creator of PlayStation 4’s ground breaking DRIVECLUB are looking for a highly talented Graphics Programmer to join their world-class development team in Cheshire.

The successful candidate will have a mandate to push the visual and technical boundaries of Sony platforms, supported by direct access to the teams who developed the PlayStation 4 hardware and software.

Applicants must have practical experience and in depth knowledge of graphics programming and debugging along with a comprehensive understanding of console hardware.

Do you think the new hires will be brought in to work on DriveClub related material, or a new game altogether? 

[Source: PlayStation via DualShockers]