No Man’s Sky Gameplay Shown During Haunting Concert at PlayStation Experience

Over the last several days, a flurry of information on the upcoming space exploration title No Man’s Sky has come out, giving us visual glimpses of the game world as well as lists of facts about it. While that is all well and good, it really takes gameplay being shown as a band is giving a concert to give a truly otherworldly view of No Man’s Sky.

At PlayStation Experience, fans of the game were able to see clips of gameplay while the indie band 65daysofstatic played haunting and alien-esque music. Luckily for us, a video of the event has been uploaded online by PlayStation, allowing viewers at home to take part in the weird and mystical concert.

While gameplay is shown throughout the entire video, skip to around 6:30 to watch a couple minutes of close-up action. What do you think of the music and the videos being played at once? Do you like 65daysofstatic at all?

[Source: PlayStation (YouTube)]