No Man’s Sky Won’t Have DLC, Other Details Revealed in Fast-Paced Interview

Although a number of details about No Man’s Sky have already come out, Game Informer has just released an interview that it did with Hello Games founder Sean Murray, in which 70 quick questions are answered about the upcoming space exploration game, giving you an even clearer picture as to what the upcoming title is all about.

During the fast-paced interview, Game Informer asks questions in rapid-fire, making the entire 70 question interview only around six minutes long. If you don’t want to take that short amount of time to watch the actual video on Game Informer‘s website, however, then here is a list of thirty facts on the game that VentureBeat has put together. 

  1. No Man’s Sky’s universe is infinite.
  2. You can only have one ship.
  3. You can’t customize your ship — but you can find one that you like.
  4. Earth isn’t present, but you might find something close to it.
  5. You can play with your friends (although Murray’s previously said not to think of it as a multiplayer game).
  6. You can take pictures.
  7. You can swim underwater.
  8. You can chop down a tree.
  9. You can choose to be a pacifist (although that doesn’t mean someone — or something — won’t attack you).
  10. Some planets are the size of Earth.
  11. You might visit a “dud” planet.
  12. You have a health bar.
  13. You can land on asteroids.
  14. The game features black holes.
  15. You will sometimes get bored playing it.
  16. It has no downloadable content.
  17. You can’t select the gender of your character.
  18. Not all planets can sustain life.
  19. You can’t collect plants.
  20. You can’t build a shelter.
  21. You can’t teleport to your ship.
  22. You can’t build a space station.
  23. It has a shop.
  24. It has no nonplayer characters.
  25. You can’t terraform a planet.
  26. You can’t destroy a planet.
  27. You face many objective markers.
  28. You won’t notice any gravity differences between planets — your suit compensates.
  29. You can’t reach the edge of the universe: “You can go into the darkness for as long as you want.”
  30. You can’t ride a dinosaur.

Number 16 — the game will not have DLC — is one of the most notable things to pay attention to, although the information about the planets seems pretty interesting as well. What do you think about all of this No Man’s Sky info? Are you excited for the game to come out in 2015?

[Source: Game Informer via VentureBeat]