The Crew is Filled With Wasted Potential, Say Numerous Fans

Ubisoft’s open-world racing game The Crew has been getting waves of complaints on Reddit after a user asked what the “current state of the multiplayer aspect of The Crew” is.

According to almost every comment, The Crew has “a lot of wasted potential” in terms of races and the multiplayer aspect. It seems to only be good for one thing — driving around aimlessly.

As our review found and as I myself noticed when playing the game, The Crew features a huge map with lots of opportunity to simply drive around and take in all of the different landscapes. However, as people on Reddit have been quick to point out, this can be annoying considering the game requires constant internet access to play, meaning it was useless the last few days when the PlayStation Network was down.

Gameranx compiled a short list of the main issues that people seem to have with the racing title, which can be seen below. Most of the issues deal with a lack of races and other players, while others point of flaws in the AI.

  • Wasted race potential.
  • Multiplayer is only peer-to-peer.
  • Most fun aspect of the game is aimlessly driving around.
  • Online is DRM-heavy.
  • Your car’s upgrades mean nothing in single player.
  • Unintelligent cop A.I.
  • Overpowered racer A.I.

What do you think of The Crew? Do you enjoy it or does it feature a lot of wasted potential?

[Source: Reddit via Gameranx]