Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Removed From PSN in North America

It looks like Marvel vs Capcom Origins isn’t the only title to be removed from sale with 2014 winding down, as Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game and its DLC are no longer available to purchase on the North American PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3.

While previous purchasers of the game should have no problem re-downloading it through the download list, if you’re looking to buy Scott Pilgrim vs The World, GameStop and Best Buy do still list the digital version of the game on PS3, though it’s unclear if the codes are still valid.

For those of you in Europe, the game and its DLC are still listed on the PlayStation Store’s website. There’s a possibility this could change at any moment, so if you want the game, buy it now.

If Ubisoft issues a statement about the delisting, we’ll let you know.

Are you disappointed by the delisting? Have you seen any other titles disappear from the PlayStation Store?

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