Pachter, Other Analysts Predict Xbox One and PS4 Numbers for 2015

A few analysts lent their predictions to Games Industry as to the sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in 2015, and it seems like each analyst has something different to say about how each console will do next year.

According to Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities, Sony’s PS4 will remain in the lead in 2015 due to its exclusive titles. He noted that “the company has a phenomenal lineup of exclusives,” which will enable the console to outsell the Xbox One. However, Pachter is also predicting that Microsoft will lower the price of the Xbox One to $349 again in January and then in the spring, seeing as their winter price cuts enabled them to get in a lot of sales.

Billy Pidgeon, an independent analyst, thinks that neither the Xbox One or the PS4 will dominate in 2015. He believes that the Xbox One is catching up to the PS4, due to its strong finish this year, and this will continue into 2015, making the two consoles “evenly matched.”

DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole, however, believes that the PS4 will lead 2015 in sales in general, but maybe not US sales. He predicts that the Xbox One could take the lead in the US in 2015, but that the PS4’s overall sales numbers will still beat out Xbox One’s.

What do you think will happen in 2015? Will the Xbox One or the PS4 lead in sales?

[Source: Games Industry]