PS4 Release Delayed in China, No New Date Announced

Just a few days before the PlayStation 4 was supposed to launch in China on January 11, Reuters has reported that Sony is delaying the console due to “various factors,” with a new release date yet to be determined.

A specific reason for the delay wasn’t given, but a Sony source told Reuters that it came down to prolonged negotiations with Chinese authorities.

With the PS4 priced at 2,899 RMB (about $468 USD), Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House said in December, “We are delighted that we are able to fully launch our business in China, which is a market with great potential. We look forward to delivering exciting software, convenient services and entertainment experiences only possible on PlayStation to the many gamers in China.”

No mention was made of a delay to the PlayStation Vita’s release in China on January 11, so that appears to still be on schedule.

[Source: Reuters]