PS4 and PS Vita Releasing in China on January 11, 2015

At a press conference today, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita will launch in China on January 11, 2015. The PS4 will cost 2,899 RMB (about $468 USD), while the PS Vita, which is the 2000 model, will cost 1,299 RMB (about $209 USD).

PlayStation President Andrew House talked about the upcoming launch in China:

PS4 is expanding at the fastest rate in PlayStation hardware history, and the global gaming community is enjoying the ultimate entertainment experience only available on PlayStation. We are delighted that we are able to fully launch our business in China, which is a market with great potential. We look forward to delivering exciting software, convenient services and entertainment experiences only possible on PlayStation to the many gamers in China.

Sony also stated that they will “offer a robust after-sales service to ensure Chinese users have a smooth and positive experience on PlayStation.”

In terms of software, over 70 third-party developers and publishers, along with SCE Worldwide Studios, are planning to bring their games to China. As for Chinese developers, titles like King of Wushu, Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, and One Tap Hero are set to be available on PlayStation.

Sony finished up by saying, “SCE will continue to further expand the PlayStation platform to deliver entertainment experiences that are only possible on PlayStation.”