Transistor Sells Over 600, 000 Copies

In a post on its official site, Supergiant Games has announced that its latest game, sci-fi action RPG Transistor, has now reached over 600,000 units sold between Steam and the PlayStation Store.

Not only that, but it’s even selling relatively faster than its other hit, Bastion, which has now sold more than three million copies to date.

Here’s the announcement from the studio:

So, we were very happy to see Transistor selling even faster relative to Bastion during the first couple of months after its launch. With the new year upon us, we checked our spreadsheets, rubbed our eyes, checked our spreadsheets again and can now report that, thus far, Transistor has sold well over 600,000 copies between Steam and the PlayStation Store!

If you haven’t played Transistor yet, you might want to give our review a read where it mentions, “I think just about anyone will enjoy at least some part of this title, if not thoroughly enjoy the whole. Give this game the time and love it deserves, as I can wholeheartedly say that a lot of time and love was put into creating it.”

[Source: Supergiant Games]