PS5 Stock

US Retailers Sell 100,000 PS5s in 17.5 Hours on Average

Want to know how fast PS5 stock sells out? According to Sony, in the month of September 2022, U.S. retailers sold 100,000 PS5s in 17.5 hours on average! Considering this is the rate at which the console sold nearly two years after launch, we can only imagine how quickly it vanished from store shelves during its launch window and first holiday season. Actually, we can. PlayStation LifeStyle did get a review unit but many of us on the team played the good ol’ beat-the-scalpers game and it sure as heck wasn’t easy to score a PS5.

PS5 stock shortage finally began subsiding in 2022

This year marked the first time people managed to purchase a PS5 without excessive hassle. The shortage still exists and will likely persist as we approach yet another holiday season, but overall, inventory has seen a significant improvement. Sony confirmed as much, revealing that it produced over 6.5 million units in the second quarter of FY2022, and said that production is “progressing faster than planned.” “To meet this strong demand, we will do our utmost to bring forward supply into the year-end holiday selling season and aim to exceed our FY22 forecast of 18 million units,” CFO Hiroki Totoki said in yesterday’s earnings presentation.