Guerrilla Games Introduces New Multiplayer Challenges for Killzone Shadow Fall

Continuing to show its commitment to Killzone Shadow Fall, developer Guerrilla Games has announced a series of multiplayer challenges for the title in 2015. Called “New Directives,” the challenges are divided into monthly chapters that further Shadow Fall’s storyline. 

Each month, a new chapter will be unlocked on the game’s official website under the New Directives section. And each chapter will be divided into missions that are set to take place in “special warzones” over the weekends. Guerrilla writes:

The goal for each mission is to collect as much Valor as possible inside the special Warzone – so no Valor from daily challenges or daily logins! The top three earners at the end of each mission receive one of the following Valor bonuses:

  • 1st place: 750k Valor bonus
  • 2nd place: 300k Valor bonus
  • 3rd place: 150k Valor bonus

In addition to the above, whoever plays the most over the weekend will receive a 450k Valor bonus. The first chapter, The Aftermath, is underway now and takes place between chapters 9 and 10 of the game. Jump in!

[Source: Killzone]