Evolve Season Pass Detailed, New Monster Revealed

New details on what Evolve‘s Season Pass will feature have been published on the game’s official website and sent out in a press release, giving fans a glimpse at what that extra $25 will be bringing them.

According to the press release, a few skins — both for the Hunters and the Monsters — and four different Hunters can be obtained through the purchase of the Season Pass. However, it does not look like the Monster Expansion Pack, which Evolve‘s team has said will cost around $15 or can be obtained for free if fans pre-order the game, will be included with the Season Pass. The Pack is supposed to give players access to Evolve‘s fourth Monster, the Behemoth.

  • Includes four new playable Hunter characters available this spring, one in each class: Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support;

  • Includes three Monster skins at launch, exclusive to the Evolve Hunting Season Pass: Magma Goliath, Magma Kraken, and Magma Wraith;

  • The Evolve Hunting Season Pass contains $29.96 of content for $24.99;

  • The four playable Hunter characters will be available for purchase individually outside of the Evolve Hunting Season Pass for $7.49 each.

The Behemoth, which also was only recently detailed by Evolve‘s team, is set to be a huge, lumbering creature that will be capable of using massive rocks as shields or weapons. He will not be able to jump or move quickly, but he can climb and has a huge amount of armor and health points to draw upon.

Behemoth Evolve

Unfortunately for us PlayStation 4 users, Evolve’s website does not currently have any information on the digital purchasing or pre-ordering of the upcoming game, but that will apparently be updated in the near future. Evolve is set to come out on February 10 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What do you think of the Season Pass and the new Monster?

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