Lego 2K Drive Season Pass Detailed, Features 4 Seasons

Lego 2K Drive Season Pass Detailed, Features 4 Seasons

2K and Visual Concepts have detailed what the DLC for its upcoming Lego 2K Drive will look like when the game releases on May 16, 2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What is in the Lego 2K Drive Drive Pass?

Following the release of Lego 2K Drive, four Seasons of post-launch content will be made available. Each set will be released in a different season in real life, starting in June 2023 and then subsequently releasing in fall 2023, winter 2023, and spring 2024.

Currently, it’s unclear exactly what the Seasons will look like, but 2K did note that there would be a Premium and Free version. Those looking to pick up the Premium version of extra content can do so via the game’s “Drive Pass,” which acts as a Battle Pass of sorts and will include all four Seasons of content.

Each season will have new challenges included, as well as “100 levels to play through,” and new drivers, stickers, flairs, sounds, and other in-game items, according to 2K (via VGC).

Alongside the news of the Drive Pass, 2K also confirmed that none of the Seasons included in the game are time-limited, meaning players can finish them whenever they want. Similar to other Battle Pass concepts, players can also play through the free tiers of the pass and then go back and purchase premium tiers if they want as well.

The Lego 2K Drive Drive Pass will be included in both the Awesome Edition of the game (which retails for $99.99), as well as the Awesome Rivals Edition of the game ($119.99). It will also likely be purchasable in the game when it launches in a few weeks.

Lego 2K Drive Season Pass Detailed, Features 4 Seasons