Ready at Dawn on The Order: 1886 – “It Takes Too Much Work for This to be for a Single Title”

Out next month on PlayStation 4, The Order: 1886 from developer Ready at Dawn isn’t being created just as a standalone release, with Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya telling Polygon that they have more stories in mind for this universe they’ve created:

We have other games in mind, other things that could be done. The reality is that we never build a world with the mind set of ‘there is one story and that is that.’  We build a world purely for the purpose of making more than one game.

It takes too much work for this to be for a single title.

Due to them saying “none of the physics engines available were capable of what we wanted to do,” Ready at Dawn took a chance and created the Ready at Dawn Engine 4.0. As Weerasuriya explained, “Everything interacts the way it should. From a rigid-body physics system, to a soft-body physics system. It’s a hard system to build and a hard system to run.” Based off how the game looks and feels, he says “those risks paid off in the end.”

Another big part of development for The Order: 1886 was creating that deep universe:

This is how we always start, by building a world that is immense enough that a team of 100 something developers can believe in it, can feel like they can work in it for years to come. In order to do that we have to pour so much energy not into the story, the story came afterwards, but the lore.

All of that had to exist first and foremost.

Are you going to be buying The Order on February 20?

[Source: Polygon]