The Order: 1886 Trailers Reveal What Happened to Bobby Paige, Live-Action “News” Clips Show Carnage

Sony has released a few new The Order: 1886 trailers, but I doubt these were what you were expecting. Posted below are three videos, with most of them not showing anything new at all.

However, that doesn’t mean these aren’t worth watching. The first trailer embedded tells the story of little Bobby Paige; and well, it’s kind of creepy. Don’t believe me? Just watch it for yourself. Don’t forget to read the poem that accompanies the video.

This is the sad tale of little Bobby Paige; a 9 year old boy who stayed out too late one night…

Little Bobby Paige was bold

Even when just nine years old

Staying out too late one night

He came home with a bloody bite

As daytime waned and darkness dropped

All noises in the household stopped

Bobby awoke, no longer him

And tore his parents limb from limb…

The other two trailers aren’t as creepy, sadly. Rather, Sony has masqueraded the two to look like actual news snippets from a known news network; before cutting off to promote the game at the end.

 Obviously, Sony is kicking The Order’s marketing into high gear with the game’s release just a month away.

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[Source: Sony PlayStation (Facebook)]