Destiny: Iron Banner Has Started, Legendary Gear Revealed

It’s that time again — the time where Destiny players come together to compete in the Iron Banner event to earn rare weapons, armor, shaders, and more. 

From now until January 19, players across all platforms can participate in the competitive event. Anyone playing gets the chance to grab a level 32 sniper rifle or auto rifle drop — Efrideet’s Spear (sniper rifle) and Silimar’s Wrath (auto rifle). 

A number of unique items can be earned from Lord Saladin, who, like always, hands out Iron Banner bounties and gear. These items consist of hand cannons, gauntlets, chest plates, and more. Check out the gallery above to see all of the legendary gear.

Will you be participating in the Iron Banner event this time around? What pieces of gear do you want to get?

[Source: Destiny DB via GameZone]