Sierra Publishing Puzzle Platformer ‘Shiftlings’ for PS4 in Spring 2015

Developed by Rock Pocket Games, Sierra is publishing Shiftlings for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a release scheduled for Spring 2015.

A “quirky puzzle platformer about a pair of space custodians who travel the cosmos completing complex challenges,” Shiftlings is set in an intergalactic reality show. Linked together by a single air hose, allowing them to pass gas back and forth between them and expand in size, the two characters must work together to solve puzzles.

You’ll be able to play Shiftlings’ over 50 levels in single-player, two-player local multiplayer, or online co-operative multiplayer.

Sierra’s Bob Loya talked about Shiftlings:

Shiftlings was the kind of game we immediately knew we wanted to work on after playing it. Rock Pocket’s inventive take on the puzzle platformer epitomizes Sierra’s focus on finding great indie talent within the development community and giving them access to the tools and platforms they need to share their unique creations with the world.

What do you think of Shiftlings?