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The Order 1886 and Journey Composer Threatened With Expulsion From American Federation of Musicians

Grammy-nominated video game composer, Austin Wintory, has been threatened with expulsion from the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) for recording the soundtrack to The Banner Saga. Apparently, his work on the game violated union rules, for which he was fined $2,500, with a payment deadline of tomorrow, January 19. Wintory is refusing to pay the amount.

“Doing so would be to agree that their failed policies, selective tactics and threats work,” he said. He also said that his lawyers are “dealing with the realities of the board’s ability to expel” him. It’s unclear exactly how Wintory is violating union rules, but game composers have been critical of AFM in the past due to the union’s game recording contracts containing provisions that publishers do not accept. 

Wintory is known for his work on the critically acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive, Journey. He recently collaborated with composer Jason Graves on The Order 1886

We wish Wintory the best of luck.

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