thatgamecompany on the Journey PS4 Port: Sony Santa Monica is “Working Diligently” With Tricky Pixels

Back in August, Journey was confirmed for a PlayStation 4 release in 2014, complete with cross-buy and 1080p resolution. Since then, Sony and porter Tricky Pixels have mostly been silent about the PS4 port, but Journey creator thatgamecompany was able to give us an update.

Speaking on the studio’s blog yesterday, Studio Manager Sunni Pavlovic talked about how early versions of the game do justice for the PS4, but she doesn’t know when it will be out:

I really wish I knew when the Journey PS4 release is coming out, and be able to tell you guys. Sony Santa Monica is working diligently with developers Tricky Pixels to port Journey to PS4, and we get updates from time to time.

The early versions I saw does the game justice for PS4, and I’m sure you guys will be happy when it comes out, I can at least say that.

While a potential PS Vita version of Journey hasn’t been confirmed, it’s worth noting that The Unfinished Swan’s port was first announced just for PS4, before coming to both PS4 and PS Vita in October.

Are you waiting to play Journey on PS4?

[Source: thatgamecompany via Reddit]