Destiny Player Makes Robotic Device to Automatically Level Up Characters

A Destiny player named yavin427 on Reddit has created a sort of robotic device that automatically performs melee attacks for him, allowing him to slowly level up while doing more productive things, like sleeping or going to work.

The device is incredibly simple, and essentially just presses the melee button on yavin427’s Xbox controller every second or so. While this sounds almost useless, yavin427 found that by putting his character in an early Ocean of Storms level on the moon, he is able to gain “anywhere from 15 to 215 exp per run, depending on timing.” The character continues to punch enemies until he dies, at which point he restarts at the same place from a checkpoint and repeats the process all over again.

While the process is very slow — as yavin427 noted that he “started at level 16.5 yesterday afternoon, and reached 20 sometime while I was asleep,” meaning it took several hours to gain only a few levels — it does seem somewhat effective. The video above shows off the simple device he is using, in case you want to look into making one for yourself. What do you think of this interesting leveling up strategy?

[Source: Yavin Four (YouTube), Reddit via Kotaku]