Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Gameplay Videos Show Off Gruesome Enemies

Recently, fans were shown some of the gruesome and violent enemies that are going to inhabit Resident Evil: Revelations 2 when it releases its first episode next month. Now, Capcom has released a couple of videos detailing how those enemies are going to move, act, and attack.

The first video shows off the Revenant, a gross mash up of dead bodies that has a special weak spot that players will need to target. The player in the video apparently had a little trouble with that, and ends up having to fight the beast off with his bare hands.

The next video, featured directly above, gives players a clue on what fighting a Glasp will be like. Apparently, a Glasp is an invisible creature, and Barry (the man in the video) has to rely on Natalia (the girl) to point it out for him in order to know where to shoot. It doesn’t end too well for him, though, as the giant insect-like creature becomes visible and proceeds to kill Barry and shoot tiny insects all over his dead body. Yuck.

If all of that gross creature stuff is starting to get to you, then take a look at the video below. It features producer Michiteru Okabe and composers Kota Suzuki and Nima Fakhrara as they give viewers a tour of the sound studio, showing off some of the instruments used to make the game’s music and sounds.

What do you think of the three Resident Evil: Revelations 2 videos? Are you excited to play the game when the first episode comes out on February 24?

 [Source: Resident Evil (YouTube) via Capcom Blog]