Dying Light Launch Trailer Goes Everywhere, Climbs Everything

Available tomorrow at retail and digital stores on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in North America, and tomorrow in Europe digitally, is Dying Light from Techland, creators of the original Dead Island. To help prep you for its imminent launch, a new trailer was brought out for the game, giving you a brief overview of what to expect.

As well, here’s the written description for Dying Light:

Developed by Techland, Dying Light is an all-new story of survival set in a city devastated by a mysterious infection. Kyle Crane, an undercover operative, is sent to the quarantine zone with the mission to locate a high-ranking military officer gone missing. Soon his mission goes sour and Crane is caught in the midst of a desperate fight for survival.

Key Features:

  • Go Anywhere, Climb Anything – Whether you jump between rooftops, climb walls or attack foes from above, you can move around the city with ease and speed.
  • Creative Brutality – Fight using a diverse selection of melee weapons: knives, bats, axes, as well as loud but powerful firearms. Make use of unusual weapon upgrades and construct your own tools of combat.
  • Hunter by Day, Prey by Night – In daylight you can explore the city and search for supplies with relative ease. After nightfall, though, the zombies become much more agile and dangerous, so you have to use all available means to survive till sunrise.

The physical version of Dying Light is set for release on February 27 in Europe.

If you’re looking for reviews of Dying Light, Forbes is reporting that there is no embargo, but review copies weren’t sent out to reviewers until earlier today. Depending how long it takes to beat the game, reviews may not begin to pop up until later this week.

Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski talked about launch day embargoes in December, saying, “No, we do not have embargoes of that nature. We want to be as transparent as we can towards our fans, so don’t worry – there won’t be any review embargoes before the game is released.”

Are you going to get Dying Light right away, or wait for reviews?