Videos From Cancelled Justice League Fighting Game Surface Online

While we already have a DC fighting game in Injustice: God Among Us, we almost had another one in the form of a Justice League brawler from Double Helix — the developer behind Xbox One-exclusive, Killer Instinct.

Footage from the canned Justice League fighting game has made its way online, and shows Batman battling Superman. Lasting 90-seconds long, Double Helix’s fighter was set on a 3D plane and had character-specific stages such as the Wayne Tower Station. 

Another video shows Bizarro Superman fighting Bane.

While this is from a raw Xbox 360 build, it’s hard to get excited with what’s shown — at least to me, anyway.

Would you have liked to see this Justice League fighting game realized or has Injustice done a solid job filling in that DC fighting game void?

[Source: YouTube (PtoPOnline) via Kotaku, Videogamer]