Uncharted 4 Artwork Revealed, Possible Cover Art Found

A whole bunch of artwork has just been released for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and it looks like the game’s upcoming cover art might be thrown into the mix.

Revealed by Sony and Naught Dog through the Game Informer website, the images showcase the beautiful worlds of Uncharted 4. Although you may have seen some of these images before, a few of them appear to be new.

As for the cover art, the image below will supposedly be on the game boxes. According to NeoGAF user “shinobi602,” the image was labeled as ” U4 Pack Art Final.jpg.” Whether or not it will actually appear on boxes remains to be seen.

Uncharted 4 Cover Art

What do you think of all the artwork? Are you excited for Uncharted 4 to come out sometime this year?

[Source: GameInformer via Gematsu, NeoGAF]