Destiny Heavy Ammo Bug Fix Being Worked on by Bungie, Scheduled for February Release

In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, the Destiny developer revealed that they’ll be fixing the Heavy Ammo bug, which saw many players losing their ammo by dying, returning to orbit, or going through a cut-scene.

Aiming for release by the end of February, this bug fix is being worked on by Sandbox Engineer Jon Cable, who talked about what’s actually happening behind-the-scenes with the glitch:

The basic flaw here is an ordering problem. Our inventory system creates your weapons when your characters spawn. When that happens, it tries to restore the same fraction of ammo that you had when you died. The bug occurred because the weapon is created before capacity modifiers from armor perks are applied, so the persisted fraction yields fewer rounds.

Since fixing bugs in a live game “is always about managing risk,” Cable talked about how he’s making sure this solution doesn’t affect the rest of the weapons and armor:

In the end, I came up with a surgical change that fixes the main issue and minimizes the chances that a new problem would be introduced. I do not think I can overstate the complexity of these systems – it took me several tries to come up with a fix that did not cause other problems.

Bungie also apologized for the Wednesday log-in issues, which saw a “sharp increase in BANJO and CATTLE errors.” If you’re still experiencing these issues, they want to know.

[Source: Bungie]