Kick and Fennick Launches Today on PS Vita, is Free to PlayStation Plus Members

Available this week when the PlayStation Stores update, Kick and Fennick is one of the February 2015 PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe on PlayStation Vita, alongside Rogue Legacy.

To tell us about their game Jaywalkers Interactive went on the PS Blog today, revealing some more gameplay of the “relaxing and fun platformer,” which they say is a bit different from some of the other frantic platformers you’ll find on the market.

Starring a young boy with a big gun, Fennick saves Kick from trouble, and they notice Fennick’s energy core is broken, so they set off on an adventure to the Core Tower in search of a new battery. As you can see in the trailer, Kick uses his gun’s recoil to make big jumps, helping you get past obstacles like treadmills, magnets, bouncypads, teleporters, and more.

Jaywalkers talked about how this won’t be an easy game, despite the laid back gameplay:

You’ll have to carefully aim your shots if you want to overcome the challenges thrown in your way, but we wanted Kick & Fennick to be a non-frustrating experience that gently ramps up the challenge. Fennick plays a part in that too, as his ability to respawn you instantly makes sure you can retry any missed jump within seconds, as long as Fennick has enough power left.

Apart from the challenges ramping up smoothly, we’ve also spent a lot of time on the movement mechanics, with satisfying jumping physics and lots of animations to make your moves look and feel just right.

Are you going to be downloading and playing Kick and Fennick this week?

[Source: PS Blog]