Bloodborne Will Include Shields But Players Advised to Be “Aggressive” in Battle

Sony Japan producer Masaaki Yamagiwa confirmed in an interview with IGN that the upcoming From Software title, Bloodborne, will feature shields but they’re not going to be very effective. 

The question about shields came about as they played an important part in Souls games. However, Bloodborne’s gameplay videos didn’t show the player equipped with any such weapon. When asked, Yamagiwa said that “there are shields in the game,” but those who try to rely on them will find themselves dying fairly quickly. He said that the developer wants players to be a bit more “aggressive” in Bloodborne

If you’re always standing back and guarding, you’ll die very quickly. So you have to incorporate it into your strategy of how you play and fight.

We wanted to encourage players to not hide and wait, but instead be more aggressive and pro-active in battle.

This might be good news for those who weren’t happy when From Software announced during gamescom 2014 that Bloodborne will be less punishing to accommodate more players. What do our readers think?

[Source: Eurogamer, IGN]