Evolve Already Has Huge Amount of Costly DLC Available to Purchase, Launch Trailer Unleashed

Hopefully Take-Two’s CEO still thinks that Evolve‘s DLC controversy is a good thing, because the amount of extra skins that can be purchased on day one is certainly going to make a lot of people angry.

If you go ahead and go to the PlayStation Store and look at Evolve, you’ll notice that the game has a large amount of DLC ready for purchase, despite coming out today. Almost all of that DLC are new skins, and they aren’t cheap. From the looks of it, one Monster skin will run you $3, unless you get a pack of three, which costs $7.

There are also a large number of gun skins, which cost $2 each. According to Destructoid, buying all of these skins would cost you $60.89, and that doesn’t even include the $25 Hunting Season Pass or the $15 Monster Expansion Pack. So, assuming you did not pre-order the game or buy the Digital Deluxe version, all of this would cost you around $160, and, to reiterate, the game literally just came out.

Also embedded above is the Evolve launch trailer, which should hopefully entice monster hunters to give it a go, if all that DLC doesn’t turn you off.

What do you think about the huge amount of DLC? What about those prices?

[Source: Destructoid]