Koei Tecmo Warns of Save Corrupting Bug in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Over the weekend, Koei Tecmo America sent out a series of tweets, warning players of a game-breaking bug they’ve found within Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on all platforms:

WARNING: DOA5 Last Round players (All platforms). Pls DO NOT play Tutorial Mode Lesson 40.8 and 40.9 with German, Spanish, French, Italian. We confirmed that the game freezes and make your save data corrupted.

We can’t apologize enough for this and try to fix it ASAP.

Other known issues with Last Round include an advancement bug on PlayStation 3 when forming a tag team with Hayate and Phase 4; pausing a replay when it shows a Power Blow being aimed may cause the game to crash on PlayStation 4; the game freezing when switching modes on PS4; and the game not progressing on PS4 after cancelling or initiating a search for a match. All of these are currently being worked on, with fixes planned for a future update.

If you have any questions about Last Round, be sure to check out the FAQ.

Also, when it comes to the $93 Season Pass for Last Round – which is set to include 78 new costumes – the NINJA Clan 1 Costume Set is out this week, prompting Koei Tecmo to say, “These costumes are included in Season Pass (PS4)/New Costume Pass (Xbox One). For everyone who have purchased Season Pass/New Costume Pass or plan to buy it, pls do not buy it separately or individually.”

Have you experienced any problems with Last Round so far?

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