From Software’s PSOne Classic Shadow Tower Rated for PS3, PS Vita and PSP

From Software’s 1998 PlayStation title, Shadow Tower, might make an appearance on the PlayStation Network soon. The game has been rated by ESRB for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation Portable. This indicates a PSN re-release as a PSOne Classic. Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but the company has been listed as the publisher.

For those who aren’t aware, Shadow Tower is an RPG that takes players to Zeptar as a mercenary named Ruus Hardy. Zeptar has become a part of the underworld, which the protagonist sets out to save with a weapon designed to injure tons of demons. 

We’ll update our readers as soon as more information becomes available. In the meanwhile, stay put for From Software’s upcoming title, Bloodborne, which is scheduled for release on March 24. 

[Source: ESRB via Siliconera]