White Night Launch Trailer Warns You to Beware the Dark

Dated at the beginning of February, White Night releases today in North America and tomorrow in Europe for the PlayStation 4 at £13.99/€14.99/$14.99. To learn what this game’s all about, check out the launch trailer.

Designed as an “homage to the classic survival horror games that we love so much,” Creative Director Ronan Coiffec warns you to beware the dark:

As a wounded man searching for help in a large, isolated mansion, you’ll need to tread carefully to avoid falling victim to the terrors that hide in the shadows. Your only means of defense are the fragile lights you’ll find scattered throughout the house, which reveal new clues and ward off the night.

A music video was also shown off for White Night, which references a very specific scene, but Coiffec said he won’t spoil it:

Will you be picking up White Night on PS4 this week?

[Source: EU PS Blog]