No Man’s Sky Devs Created Thousands of Probes to Oversee Creation

Imagine creating a game so big that you had to rely on literally thousands of probes to explore it and view it, simply because humans would not be capable of going over that much data. The idea is mind-boggling, but it is an idea that is powering Hello Games’ upcoming space exploration title No Man’s Sky.

According to Art Director Grant Duncan, thousands of “mindless idiots” were created to control and oversee the quintillions of planets in the game. The “idiots” have to keep track on the countless animals, plants, and items that cover the planets, a task that would essentially be impossible for any team of humans to do, let alone the small, four person art team at Hello Games.

These probes will be responsible for creating everything that the player sees and interacts with, which almost sounds like something out of a weird sci-fi movie. What do you think of the thousands of “mindless idiots” that will be overseeing No Man’s Sky?

[Source: Polygon]