Rockstar Explains Grand Theft Auto Online Heists, Details Roles, Bonuses and More

In order to prepare players for the roll-out of Grand Theft Auto Online heists, Rockstar has further detailed the mode and has issued some pointers for those who want to succeed in pulling the heists off.

Each group will understandably need a leader, who has to be at least rank 12, and must own a high-end apartment equipped with a planning board. Leaders need to have enough cash to pay for all the setup costs upfront. Additionally, they are responsible for assigning roles and determining payouts. Rockstar has also included the following note of caution:

Heist progress is only saved for the Heist Leader – so when choosing a leader it makes sense to link up with someone you can trust.

Communication is important as always. The developer suggests that all players use headsets to liaise with one another. 

Crew members will be assigned different roles during heists. According to Rockstar:

These could be slightly different responsibilities within a single scenario – for example, two lookouts and a bodyguard while a buyer completes a less-then-legal exchange of information – or larger deviations, like two players patrolling in an attack chopper above while the other two infiltrate a facility below.

Leaders need to know what each player in the group is good at in order to form a strong team.

Players will be able to use their own custom vehicles and firearms. The developer recommends silencers and RPGs. 

Silencers on guns and RPGs in general are especially useful for certain Heists while four-door vehicles with added armor can come in handy if you like to keep your friends close.

Last but not least, there will be a bonus round for those who like a challenge. Each heist will have its own Elite Challenge, the completion of which guarantees a hefty sum of money. However, Rockstar has warned that they aren’t a walk in the park so be well-prepared. 

Special Heist Completion Bonuses are also available, but can only be achieved once by each person. Bonuses are detailed below.

First Time – Completing each Heist Finale for the first time, will net you a bonus cash reward

All In Order Challenge – Complete all Heists in order, including Setups, to receive a $1,000,000 cash bonus

Loyalty Challenge – Complete all Heists, including Setups, with the same team of players to receive an additional $1,000,000 bonus

Criminal Mastermind Challenge – Complete all Heists, in order, with the same group of players, without losing any lives, to receive a massive $10,000,000 bonus

Online Heists will be added to Grand Theft Auto V on Tuesday, March 10 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. 

[Source: Rockstar]