Ashley Johnson Would Love to Voice Ellie Again If The Last of Us Gets a Sequel

In an interview with Destructoid following the BAFTA Games Awards 2015, Ellie voice actress Ashley Johnson expressed her desire to voice the character again if needed with a simple “Oh fuck yeah!” 

When asked how she would voice an older Ellie in a future installment of The Last of Us, if there is one, she said:

It just depends if they want to revisit the story again. Ellie could go either way, [Joel] lied to her so you don’t know how she would take that — would she be mad at him, would she be okay with, there’s many places you could go.

In the same interview, Johnson disclosed that although she has appeared in some big on screen roles, she’s now most recognized for her role as Ellie. 

I probably get recognized for The Last of Us more than anything, which is crazy because it isn’t physically my face. Last of Us has changed my life in so many ways and we shot it for over three years so, and including the DLC I guess four, so being part of something for that long and the experiences you have, the relationships you form, I wouldn’t change it for anything, it’s one of my favorite things I’ve worked on.


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[Source: Destructoid]