EB Games Canada Raises a Couple PS4 Game Prices to $79.99

Less than a month after many retailers in Canada raised the prices of select PlayStation 4 games to $74.99 as a result of the weak dollar, EB Games Canada has now raised the price of these two PS4 games to $79.99:

On the plus side, Future Shop, Best Buy, and Amazon still have the games at $69.99 – $74.99, but EB Games’ move could signify further price changes nationwide, as $59.99 USD now equals roughly $77 CAD.

Earlier today, Omega Quintet was given a release date of April 28, while Disgaea 5 is expected this Fall.

Do you think we’ll get to a point where $79.99 becomes the norm for new PS4 games in Canada?

[Source: EB Games (1), (2) via Hardcore Gamer]