Life is Strange Developer Aiming to Release Each Episode “Less Than Two Months” Apart

With Life is Strange Episode 2 releasing on March 24, it marks roughly eight weeks since the first episode came out.

As Co-Director Michel Koch explained to Eurogamer in a recent interview, work on Episode 3 is quite advanced already:

We’re done on episode two, quite advanced on episode three, a little less on episode four and a bit less than that on episode five. But the plan is to keep the same rhythm on each episode.

After Dontnod previously shot down a claim that each episode would launch six weeks apart, Koch clarified that “the idea is to keep it at less than two months [between each episode].”

Last week, we learned Dontnod is in the early stages of pre-production for a potential Season 2 of Life is Strange, but as Koch explained, you won’t be left hanging with the ending of Season 1:

There will be a sense of closure at the end of episode five. We have ideas for a season two, but we don’t want to end with a huge cliffhanger. There is an ending.

You won’t have a perfectly good or perfectly bad ending – there will always be shades of grey.

One issue some owners of the game had with the first episode is the lip-syncing, which fails to match up with the actual dialogue at times. Unfortunately, Koch says there isn’t much more they can do for Life is Strange Season 1 at this point, adding:

We decided when we started the game that most of the budget should go towards the writing and voice actors – they were really what was important.

We had to make some decisions and the way we have our character models doesn’t allow us to do much more than we have. We know this is a weak point but I think that it still works. The first reaction is – okay, I see that – but most players in the end don’t really care.

If Season 2 does happen, he sees it’s something that might be changed.

Will you be playing Episode 2 next week?

[Source: Eurogamer]