Mortal Kombat Creator Teases New “-ality” (Update)


Turns out the new “-ality” is called a “Quitality.” IGN explains that during their livestream, NetherRealm developers mentioned that “If you quit, your head blows up and the other guy wins.” 

Quitality Mortal Kombat

The moral of this story — don’t rage quit.

Original Story:

It’s no secret by now that one of Mortal Kombat’s selling point is the game’s over-the-top fatalities, which Mortal Kombat X will have in spades.

It seems that aside from fatalities, faction kills and brutalities, another “-ality” will be part of the game’s finishing spectacles. Over on Twitter, NetherRealm boss Ed Boon teased that  a reveal will be happening in tomorrow’s Kombat Kast Twitch stream. 

Does this mean animalities or even babalities (remember those?) will be coming back? Tune in to the Kombat Kast to find out, or stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle since you can bet we’ll have it here the moment we know.

[Source: Ed Boon (Twitter) via VG247]