Gal Gun PS4/Vita Sequel Coming – 27 Screenshots

Cute Japanese rail shooter Gal Gun is getting a sequel this summer. Coming to both PlayStation 4 and Vita, the new game is called Gal Gun: Double Peace.

For those reading the title expecting girls with guns, slow down. This is about shooting girls with a special type of pheromone gun. And then, apparently, judging by these screenshots, looking at their underwear (of course) while you do so.

Every girl (of course) at school (of course) finds herself lovestruck (of course) and wanting the protagonist’s hot bod (of course). Fend them off with those pheromone shots! At times, your chosen waifu (of course) will need to be saved from danger such as…tentacles…of course, because of course, fucking of course.

[Source: Famitsu]