Report: 55 Developers Laid Off From DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios

Last week, Sony confirmed that DriveClub developer Evolution Studios underwent some layoffs recently, with the studio now focusing “on DriveClub as a service going forward, in particular, the important launch of the PS Plus Edition.”

In a new report from Eurogamer today, sources familiar with the matter claim 55 staff members are affected by the layoffs, with the cuts announced to staff on Friday, March 20.

The sources go on to say this is roughly half of the studio, with redundancies affecting permanent staff, though some may remain on as contractors.

This isn’t the beginning of the end for Evolution though, as DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky assured someone on Twitter that “Evolution Studios are not shutting down.”

On this topic, one of Eurogamer’s sources added, “The staff they kept are the best at what they do. If you wanted a fresh start for Evo, those are the people to do it.”

[Source: Eurogamer]