BRAWL to Bring Horror-Themed, Multiplayer Madness to PS4

What’s better than watching a terrifying horror movie with a group of friends on a dark, stormy night? Playing a crazy horror video game with them, of course.

 In the upcoming Bloober Team game BRAWL, up to four PlayStation 4 players will be able to compete against each other in a top-down, maze-like setting. Using one of eight different playable characters, players will try to blow each other up with bombs using careful timing and special character skills. Players will be able to either compete locally, or duke it out in online matches.

While a release date for the upcoming party game has yet to be announced, a new trailer for BRAWL, which can be seen above, will give a little glimpse at some of the creepy and disturbing elements that the game will contain.

[Source: Bloober Team (YouTube), PS Blog]